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Jeff Lovell - May 10, 2020

CORE Process - Follow

BIG IDEA: Jesus is making a new kind of life possible, and we find it when we follow. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. In today’s passage Jesus teaches about building your life on a solid foundation. What are some different kinds of foundations people build their lives on? 2. Jesus’ invitation to everyone is to FOLLOW. What would following look like for you at this point in your spiritual journey? 3. Looking at the CORE Process tool, could you name a current learning opportunity with God? 4. Take a few minutes to talk through the CORE Process together using current learning opportunities from your own lives? • Confess it (Say what’s true) • Offer it (Are you open to what God wants to do in this area?) • Respond (How is God inviting you to respond?) • Engage (What will you do about it and when?)

Scripture References: Matthew 7:24-29

From Series: "Life To The Fullest"

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